There's something about really good cookware....... June 12 2016

..... that I just can't resist! I've been selling cookware on line for 12 years and, when the website I was working on closed down, I couldn't abandon it all together so added two brands to my own website. One is Couzon Cuisinox Elysée - a super range of polished stainless steel pans which look great and function brilliantly. Until I worked with cookware, I didn't realise just how important it is to have pans which really conduct the heat well, so you don't get those horrible hot spots which burn the food. Also the pans (and hence the contents) heat up really quickly. Good quality stainless steel is also so easy to clean - in the dishwasher or by hand. They're brilliant.

Some people only ever cook with stainless steel pans but personally, I like frying pans and sauté pans and a saucepan or two with a really good, tough non-stick coating. Not the sort that peels off after a few months but the sort that lasts for years - cast aluminium pans with a seriously good non-stick coating which is applied at high temperatures and sticks to the pan but not to the food! There are several good brands on the market and I have quite a mix in my kitchen but I chose my number one favourite - Swiss Diamond - to sell on my website. Hard to say exactly why I like these over and above others but they do have the most amazing conductive properties and that certainly floats my culinary boat.