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Couzon Cuisinox Elysee non-stick Frying Pan


These beautifully styled frying pans combine high performance with design that is simple and yet distinctly sophisticated. The encapsulated base is suitable for all cookers and the superior Titan-3 non-stick finish will give excellent results for all your food when fried.

The 20cm pan is suitable for making omelettes and pancakes and for frying fish fillets, steaks and chops.   Internal height 4.3 cm.

The 24cm pan is perfect for frying fish or for browning chicken pieces, frying steaks or chops.  Internal height 4.5 cm.

The 26cm pan is a really good sized frying pan which will accommodate a larger piece of fish, and is great for browning poultry in bigger batches. Internal height 5 cm.

The 28 cm pan is that much larger and is great for those occasions when you need the space in a pan to cater for more people. Whether cooking meat or fish, it gives you the flexibility to be creative on a bigger scale.  Internal height 5.8 cm.

Lids are available separately to fit the 20cm and 24cm pans.

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