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Zeller Keramik Shepherd & Sheep

A true kitchen classic, the Zeller Keramik shepherd and sheep design will instantly brighten up your day – it’s hard not to smile while using this delightful crockery from Germany’s oldest ceramics manufacturer. The distinctive design is simple yet eye catching and will no doubt be the topic of conversation among visitors who happen by your breakfast room at tea-time.

All Zeller Keramik pieces are dish-washer and microwave oven safe.

A limited selection from the range can be ordered from our website.  If you would like to see the other items available, you can view/download a full price list and we can take or add to your order on the telephone.

Please note that the green colour is paler now than on the original Shepherd & Sheep pieces. This photo of the children's mug was taken in 2014 and I think gives a reasonable representation of the colour of the grass the sheep are standing on.